1. I've seen that you don't create your clothes/hair/shoes/ect, Do you have the permission to upload them to this blog?

- I DO NOT create any of the items for my models to wear/houses to decorate, but I DO have read the TOU of many of the creators, this is perfectly fine for them if I give credit to them.

2. Can I use your models/houses for my personal use?

- Please read my TOU section :)

3. Are you going to create your own clothes/hair/shoes?

-I've never tried, but my computer is a pain in the ass with those heavy programs, I'll keep you updated!

4. What happened to your old models?

-Wow! I'm really sorry, I have to deleted them all, I realize I wasn't being so true about the real creators of the clothes and that stuff.

5. Are you taking requests?

-No, Not now.

6. How can I contact you?

-Comments option is always open for everybody (even nonys), But if you have any questions about a model/house please email me.

❤ [alesidezuh@hotmail.com] Contact me here with the CC: SurferSims